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I used Stacy's Difficult Conversation Template!

"I used Stacy's difficult conversation template with the training and it allowed me to finally tell my husband something very sensitive. I was amazed at his openness and kind response. This is totally out of character for him.

I have seen a huge difference in our communication from working with Stacy within just a couple of weeks. I am changing and so is my husband, even though he doesn't even know I'm working with Stacy.

Thank you Stacy, you are saving my marriage. I could not do this without you.


Mesa AZ



Stacy helped me to make a mental switch!

"Stacy helped me to make a mental switch. Instead of depriving myself of foods that I really love, she showed me how I could “crowd them out” with healthier choices that make me feel better… both physically and mentally. I'm so pleased with nourishing myself...yoga, reading for fun, allowing myself just to be, walks and eating yummy foods...my cravings are less and less hot flashes..."

Barb M.

Ottawa, CA



I highly recommend Stacy!

"Stacy is such an amazing coach. She helped me realize that transformation is more than just physical but how you feel about yourself. She has so many solutions and I received so many ah moments. I highly recommend Stacy!"

Nancy J.

Silver Spring, MD


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