Hi, I’m Stacy, founder of the Wise Woman Community. We’re an online membership where women support each other to strengthen their relationships and personal growth. Through coaching, workshops, and retreats, we focus on empowering women to excel in all areas of life, from professional success to personal fulfillment. My mission? To inspire women to confidently embrace every part of their journey, ensuring they stand tall and empowered, whether they’re leading in the boardroom or connecting deeply in the bedroom. It’s about transforming lives through community, self-empowerment, and spiritual wellness.

I have designed solutions to improve all levels of marriage issues. I know that relationship issues are personal and a cookie cutter solution is just not possible. You need to feel a connection with whomever you choose to work with. For that reason, I’d like to give you an overview of who I am and what I stand for. 


My Core Values:

  1. Authenticity: encouraging women to express themselves genuinely and form relationships that honor their true selves. It reinforces the Wise Woman’s focus on authentic self-expression and the establishment of meaningful relationships.


  1. Integrity: Upholding integrity ensures that all actions, guidance, and interactions within the Wise Woman community are conducted with honesty, respect, and ethical considerations. This builds trust and safety, essential for personal growth and the empowerment process.


  1. Faith: As a cornerstone of the Wise Woman, faith not only provides spiritual strength but also serves as a source of hope and resilience. It supports women in their journey toward empowerment and authentic living, offering a deeper sense of purpose and connection.


  1. Empowerment: Directly reflected in the Wise Woman mission, empowerment is about equipping women to find their voice and reclaim their self-worth. It’s about fostering the strength and confidence needed to break free from limitations and thrive in every aspect of their lives.


  1. Community: The emphasis on community highlights the importance of belonging and support among women who share similar journeys. It fosters a sense of solidarity, shared growth, and collective healing, enhancing the impact of empowerment and authentic self-expression.

What Problem do I solve (One word): Overcomer: helping women to transform from disempowerment to a state of empowerment, confidence, and authentic self-expression.


I empower women to overcome constant arguing and silent suffering in their relationships, Marriage and life. 

What am I passionate about: I’m passionate about helping women embrace their worth, express themselves confidently, and stand in their power. I aim to challenge the injustices that silence women, fueling my mission to uplift them into a world where they can be powerful, feminine, and valued equally in all relationships; even in their marriage.

My Why: I believe every woman deserves to stand in her power and shine authentically, without dimming her light for societal acceptance. I’m dedicated to empowering women to transition from merely surviving to thriving in every area of their lives—ensuring they are seen, heard, and respected as the queens they are.

For more information about the marriage solutions I offer please click here. (link to Coaching With Stacy)

What They Say

“ I was sick and tired of all the arguments but I’ll be the first to admit that how I dealt with it might not be the best.  When there was a conflict, I felt like he was trying to control  and dominate me, so I’d stand up for myself which just causes more fighting. I am so happy to have found this program. I am starting to see changes in me and in him too. ”


“I’ve spent my entire marriage bending over backward to make it work. I’m the one who smooths the edges, most often at the cost of my own needs. Eager to please to keep the peace in the home. My efforts to keep our home in harmony does  seems to be expected instead of appreciated. Before joining C2C, I felt overwhelmed and like I didn’t matter in the marriage. Now he sees me and treats me so much better, I don’t feel alone. ”


I practically created a new dance from walking on eggshells to avoid conflict. I was discouraged and had given up on talking because it just didn’t work, so I  stuffed my thoughts and feelings.  I believed that there was just no hope that anything would change in my marriage. I didn’t want to leave so I felt I had no choice but to live with it the way it is, until I met Stacy and joined the membership. Now my marriage is changing and I have hope again. ”