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Manifesting Meditation Core

Are you ready to take the next step in creating the thriving partnership that you desire? This guided meditation is designed to help you manifest that vision of your life and how the relationship you would like to have with your husband.

By focusing on visualizing, you will naturally improve the quality of your partnership. Set aside some time to listen to this meditation and allow yourself to fully relax and visualize the positive changes you want to see in your life and in your relationship. Get ready to manifest your thriving partnership!

The best way I have found is to find a quiet place that you feel comfortable closing your eyes and imagine in your minds eye your dream relationship, feel it in your body and imagine yourself taking action on your thriving habits. If you have a difficult time with visualizing then do your best to to allow yourself to daydream.

Remember the inner child that loved to daydream??? Well you want to tap into her playfulness and use your wise woman to manifest your Thriving Partnership!


This is a 10 minute audio meditation. Find a quiet place where you feel safe and can close your eyes. Make this process come alive for you.