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You’ll learn how to: 

🌸 have a convesation that won’t end up in another argument.

🌸stop arguments before they start

🌸ask for what you want AND get it.

🌸get him to finally hear, understand and respond lovingly instead of reacting or exploding.


What’s in the Membership:

💖 On-Demand Training Videos/Audios
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💖 Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls
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PLUS 24-7 private members only Wise Woman Community

Are You Ready To Learn How To Put An End To The Constant  Arguments?

I hate arguments. I’m never able to get my point across without being attacked until now, thank you Stacy!! 

Amber J

You Can Join The Conflict 2 Connection Membership
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As a member you’ll  have immediate access to proven On-Demand training, workbooks, templates & more  resources. AND you have access to me and my coaching  in our  weekly Q&A coaching calls  AND you also get support from women who are on the same path and have learned and grown, inside our private very supportive Wise Woman Community.

This membership and community is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Literally you have the marriage solution at your fingertips. 

All For Just $0.25 A Day.
Yep, Just a Quarter A Day.

Heck that is less than three minutes with a  marriage therapist.

This is high value, life changing membership at a price every woman can afford. At no risk, with our 7-day 100% money back guarantee.  Cancel at any time, no contracts. Join us now.


When I first joined the Conflict to Connection we were fighting everyday about just about everything. Within 2 weeks, I have seen a major reduction and he has no idea what I’m doing, but he is changing . Thank God and Stacy!! 


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7-day money-back guarantee. No contracts. Cancel at any time.
The only risk you face is remaining trapped in the conflict cycle. 

I couldn’t believe it when I first applied the techniques I am about to share with you…

Hi I’m Stacy Peasall,


Years ago, my own marriage was a disaster, a relentless cycle of arguments that nearly broke my spirit. No advice or strategy made a dent in our issues. Then, I made a critical error—the same one too many women make—I waited and hoped the problems would resolve themselves.

Here’s the harsh truth: They didn’t. My marriage ended, leaving me with regret and a resolution to change. That’s when I dove headfirst into the reasons marriages fail and emerged with the 5 Pillar Method, a set of practical, proven strategies that have since transformed countless relationships.

Why am I sharing this?

Because today, you have a unique opportunity. This isn’t just any offer—it’s a FREE pass to a transformative experience where we’ll tackle these very strategies that not only saved my second marriage but have also empowered numerous women to revolutionize theirs.

Join me in the Conflict to Connection Roadmap Membership and let’s transform your marriage too. 

My mission is to empower you to find your voice, reclaim your self-worth, and create meaningful relationships across all aspects of your life. We guide each member in the Wise Woman community to break free from silent suffering and establish healthy, authentic relationships, fostering personal growth and spiritual strength to become the Wise Woman.

 “The wise woman builds her home, while the foolish one tears it down with her words and actions” Pr 14:1

The 3 Phases of Marriage – Which Is Yours?



There’s the Honeymoon Phase which is when you can’t keep your hands off each other and you can say nothing wrong.

This phase is where most everything is wonderful and typically lasts about 2 years.


Then many couples move into the Conflict Phase where you can’t say anything right and you don’t want to be in the same room let alone the same bed.

Please hear me, you must get help and get past this Conflict phase because… This. Is. Where. Divorce. Happens….


The third phase is the Connection Phase. This is where you want to be around each other, do things together, projects, trips and adventures. You are feeling that love and connection again.

Imagine for a minute laughing and having fun again with your husband. Hold that image, it is possible to have that again.

Do you see yourself in these statements?

If you’re nodding YES to 3 or more of these,
then you are definately in the Conflict Phase

If you don’t move out of  the Conflict Phase you will move into crisis.
You must get get past this phase, because  this is where divorce happens.

👉No matter how hard you try, too often your conversation turns into yet another argument?

👉It’s like you and your partner are speaking different languages…

👉Simple disagreements esculate for no good reason, and you don’t know why.

👉You’re successful in all areas of your life, but you’re struggling with conflict in your home.

👉You’re walking on eggshells around sensitive topics to keep the peace.

👉 You feel like you’re losing a part of yourself by pretending everything is ok.

Can you relate to my story:

When our conversations got tense, he’d  yell and (I don’t like conflict) so I’d withdraw and shut down. (Unless he pushed my buttons) then I might try to stand up for myself, which never ended well. I suffered in silence, crying myself to sleep many nights. I felt isolated, alone & deleted.

How Do I Move Out Of The Conflict Phase Into Connection?

As a member of the Conflict 2 Connection Roadmap Membership, you’ll have access to a overflowing vault of relationship training.

Within just 2 weeks you’ll know
🌸what makes him tick,
🌸why he snaps at you,
🌸why he doesn’t listen to you.
🌸 You’ll stop arguments before they start.

This is not about you just reading or watching training videos.  No, you’re not on this journey alone.  In addition to the training and resources you have access to me each week on our Q&A coaching calls. (And you have the option for private one-on-one coaching sessions available to you.) You’ll never feel stuck or alone.

🌸Plus you will be invited to our very supportive private members only Wise Woman Community.

Oh but it doesn’t stop there…

Hear what these wives were saying when they came to us.


What My Client's Say

I practically created a new dance from walking on eggshells to avoid conflict. I was discouraged and had given up on talking because it just didn’t work, so I  stuffed my thoughts and feelings.  I believed that there was just no hope that anything would change in my marriage. I didn’t want to leave so I felt I had no choice but to live with it the way it is, until I met Stacy and joined the membership. Now my marriage is changing and I have hope again. ”


"I’ve spent my entire marriage bending over backward to make it work. I’m the one who smooths the edges, most often at the cost of my own needs. Eager to please to keep the peace in the home. My efforts to keep our home in harmony does  seems to be expected instead of appreciated. Before joining C2C, I felt overwhelmed and like I didn’t matter in the marriage. Now he sees me and treats me so much better, I don't feel alone. ”


“ I was sick and tired of all the arguments but I’ll be the first to admit that how I dealt with it might not be the best.  When there was a conflict, I felt like he was trying to control  and dominate me, so I'd stand up for myself which just causes more fighting. I am so happy to have found this program. I am starting to see changes in me and in him too. ”


Take A Peak Inside

Inside the Conflict 2 Connection Membership Vault with videos, workbooks, downloadable resources and an instant help buttons.

Your Success Path–
As Easy As 1-2-3

Step #1: Awareness

Watch the training videos or listen to the audio while on the go (on your own schedule).  There are no deadlines or pressure. Take the Relationship Roadblock Quiz to discover your Conflict Pattern.  The learning how to control your emotions,  master your conflict patterns and break free of your triggers.

Step #2: Implement

You’ll implement what you’re learning from the training. Post questions and connect in the Wise Woman Community so you can get support from other women. Wives tell me all the time that the women in the Wise Woman community has helped them through so many rough spots.

Step #3: Support

Submit your questions for the weekly Q&A coaching call with me. Attend the call live or watch the replay on your own schedule. These calls  guarantee that you don’t get stuck and you’ll know what to do.  Also available to all members is private coaching sessions at members pricing.

Step #4: Mastery

This is not a race, you can move as quickly as you want or put it aside when you’re busy. We find that the wives with more pressing issues at home devour the training and come to the coaching calls and build relationships in the Wise Woman community. 

What Can I Expect?

The Connection Phase is where your conversations will to flow like it did back in the beginning, before you needed to learn new skills. 

Will you still argue occasionally, of course because conflicts are not unhealthy in themselves. Unhealthy was how you handled conflict. Now Conflicts won’t escalate into battles because you will have the skills to resolve them quickly.

Learning new skills will empower you to bring back the love and laughter that you thought were gone forever.  Believe it or not, you both will look back at these trying times and be able to laugh together about them.

Living happily ever after is not just a romantic saying, it truly is possible for you.

7-day money-back guarantee. No contracts. Cancel at any time.
The only risk you face is remaining trapped in the conflict cycle. 

What members are saying…

Be a part of the experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in C2C ?

A: The Conflict to Connection Roadmap is a women’s only Membership. Here you will learn how to stop arguments before they start. Learn how to speak his language so that he will finally hear, understand and cherish you.

Inside the Membership you have access to an extensive vault of:

💖 Training Videos
💖 Audios
💖 Workbooks
💖 Done-for-You Highly Effective Communication Templaes
💖 Conflict 2 Connection Skills
💖 Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls
💖 Quest Speakers & Masterclass

PLUS 24-7 private members only Wise Woman Community

Q: How is the content and training delivered?

A: All the training videos, workshops & workbooks, masterminds and resources are in your Membership vault!

When you sign up you will receive your log in and access.

Q: Is there a contract to sign?

A: No, there are no contracts or any length of time required. This is a month-to-month membership and you can cancel at anytime. Continue for as long as the membership is helpful to you.

Q: How much time does it require each month?

A: You are in charge of the pace! This is not a course or workshop — there is no schedule. There are no requirements. You can be as active as you want or need. The more you can engage the faster you will see results in your relationship or marriage.

Q: What if I can’t finish all the content each month?

A: The replays are added to your Vault and are there whenever you are ready. They do not expire. You can listen/read/watch/practice whenever you want as long as you are a current member.


A: The C2C is included in the Relationship Restoration Membership (RRM).  RRM is for the woman who wants to improve her marriage faster and wants more personal coaching.

Plus the RRM offers: 
VIP Love Seat Coaching
Conversation Audits
VIP Support
Extensive Resources, and DFY templates
More in-depth Training and covering
expanded topics to take your marriage beyond ‘stoping arguments’.

As a RRM  you will have free access to all former paid programs and future paid programs. HERE IS LINK IF YOU WANT TO CHECK IT OUT: https://stacypeasall.com/joinrram

Q: Is Conflict to Connection Membership right for me if I’m not in a relationship or don’t want to be?

A: Yes! The Membership is for any woman who wants to learn how to communicate better in any relationship, now or in the future. I wish I had known these life changing principles before getting married.

Q: How do I cancel?

A: You can cancel your membership at any time by emailing support@stacypeasall.com  You will continue to have access until the end of your billing cycle.

Stacy Peasall

10017 Country Carriage Circle, Riverview, Fl. 33569




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