About Stacy 

Hi! My Name is Stacy Peasall…

I’m more than a Women’s Relationship Coach; I’m the heart and soul behind the faith-based Wise Woman Community, a beacon for strong, independent, soul-led women and heart-centered coaches seeking harmony in their personal and professional lives. I’m a successful businesswoman, bestselling author, speaker, and a devoted wife, mom, and grandma, my journey enriches my coaching with profound empathy and diverse perspectives.

With 11 years dedicated to transforming and saving marriages, my own journey of overcoming sexual trauma, narcissism, domestic violence, and relationship hurdles—fortified by my faith and professional certifications in Transformational Life Coaching, and Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching—has deeply informed my approach. I’m committed to guiding women from the shadows of silent suffering or constant arguing into the light of fulfilling relationships marked by open, loving communication, all rooted in authenticity and spiritual strength.

I’m happily married, though that’s not always been the case.😢

It’s been years, but I still remember those feelings all too well.

The tight knot in my stomach every time I tried to speak my mind, hoping he wouldn’t explode.

Nights spent wide awake, replaying conversations, obsessing over what I could have said or done differently. Crying myself to sleep.

I was stuck, hurt, and utterly hopeless.

I realized if I was ever going to have a successful marriage something had to change. And I realized changing partners was not the answer.

Change comes from within.

So I sought help to understand the root of my marriage issues.


I found answers and I began the work…

Low self-esteem and self-doubt slipped away and I embraced a renewed self-worth.

I stopped being the only one trying in the relationship, and started setting boundaries that were respected.

No longer obsessing or rehearsing everything I wanted to say or losing sleep and replaying arguments over and over.

You CAN enjoy these changes in your marriage.

Imagine letting go of replaying old arguments and finally enjoying peaceful sleep?

Picture yourself not not walking on eggshells, but speaking your mind and receiving love, respect, and true connection.

See yourself no longer sitting in the backseat of your own life, but as the main character getting the respect and love you deserve.

And that dream where you are heard and valued, without the need to stuff your feelings?

That dream turns into your reality.

You can start on your healing journey now.

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What They Say

“ I was sick and tired of all the arguments but I’ll be the first to admit that how I dealt with it might not be the best.  When there was a conflict, I felt like he was trying to control  and dominate me, so I’d stand up for myself which just causes more fighting. I am so happy to have found this program. I am starting to see changes in me and in him too. ”


“I’ve spent my entire marriage bending over backward to make it work. I’m the one who smooths the edges, most often at the cost of my own needs. Eager to please to keep the peace in the home. My efforts to keep our home in harmony does  seems to be expected instead of appreciated. Before joining C2C, I felt overwhelmed and like I didn’t matter in the marriage. Now he sees me and treats me so much better, I don’t feel alone. ”


I practically created a new dance from walking on eggshells to avoid conflict. I was discouraged and had given up on talking because it just didn’t work, so I  stuffed my thoughts and feelings.  I believed that there was just no hope that anything would change in my marriage. I didn’t want to leave so I felt I had no choice but to live with it the way it is, until I met Stacy and joined the membership. Now my marriage is changing and I have hope again. ”