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The Relationship Restoration Membership
5 Pillar Training Method

Inside This Incredible Program You Get: On-Demand Content,(videos, audio and downlables) New Monthly Live Training,
8 Live Coaching Calls Monthly & The Supportive Community AND so much more…

The first faith-based marriage membership for women who want to improve their communication,
create a deep connection, and build lasting passion in their relationship.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

In Addition to all the trainings
you receive 8 Coaching Calls each month

How do I fix my marriage if he won’t work on it?

 I want to talk about the magic and the power of one Wise Woman. 

Once you take that first action step you will be shocked at the results you’ll see in just weeks. Most wives tell me that they didn’t even tell him that they were working with me or what they were learning; yet within weeks he started responding differently, there was less arguments and more fun.  

They know they are not 100% back to being connected but it is so much better than before they started.

They say it feels like magic.  

It’s not magic, of course, it’s human nature at its best and the laws of the universe. I’m sure you’ve heard: “Where your focus goes your energy flows”. In other words, your direction is controlled by what you focus on. That’s why you need to focus on where you want to go.

Then there’s also the power of the law of reciprocity. Reciprocity is a social norm that dictates we reward the positive actions of others with equally positive behavors. It’s like when you open a door for a stranger you will notice they will often do the same. 

As you change your energy towards him, he must and will shift and change, too. 

We teach you how to break the negative patterns that haven’t worked and create new positive ones that get you connected to one another just like it was in the honeymoon phase.  

This is why I can confidently say that you can change your marriage without his participation. I works like clockwork, we see it over and over again.

It doesn’t matter where your husband is at right now, it doesn’t matter if he’s interested or not interested,….It. Just. Doesn’t. Matter. 

Why do I have to do the work or change,
when he is the problem!

Give me a big an AMEN if you just thought that or have ever thought that. 🤣  I know, I sure did.

So why do you have to be the one to do the work?

The short answer is, the choice is yours, you can stay right where you are, waiting and hoping he will suddenly decide to change, which I can tell you will not happen… or you can step up and take your power back and create change.

Let’s face it, women are the caretakers of the home, family and marriage; we are the ones who get things done.  As long as you wait for someone else to change you are giving them control and power over your life.  I’m sure that’s not where you want to be.

One of the first things we teach you is how to Take Back Your Power.

Not in some “hear me roar” kind of way, Nor are you changing into some Stepford Wife, no, you are learning how to communicate so you get what you want… to be heard, valued and adored. 

To stop the fighting  and  stop walking on eggshells.


You win and your relationship wins. After all this is what you really want, right?  


Inside this incredible program you get: on-demand content, AND new monthly live training.

Step 1

Discover your core needs, wants, desires, what’s holding you back and what’s in your suitcase. Knowing where you are is a must before you can start on your path. Then you will discover how to take  Radical Responsibility which is an absolute must to take back your Power.



Lesson 1: Own your needs

…discover your authentic self and powerfully identify your core needs, wants, and desires without feeling overwhelmed.


Lesson 2: Embrace radical self love

….without taking time away from your family. Learn the 2 things that are essential so you can build a strong foundation and feel empowered.


Lesson 3: Discover your relationship triggers

.. learn the winning formula to fill your relationship with love and compassion.

Step 2

Decode your man, understand what makes him tick and what causes him to explode. This step is life changing and within weeks your marriage changes. Once you understand yourself and then him, you’ll tap into your powerful feminine energy and in just 5 days start changes in the atmosphere in your marriage.



Lesson 4: Balance your feminine and masculine energy

.. align your natural energy allowing him to respond lovingly, making you feel emotionally safe and valued.


Lesson 5: Decode your man

.. understand what is going on in his brain, what he is thinking, and why he reacts and responds in a certain way.


Lesson 6: Opening the spirit

…using this 5-day challenge you will learn how to break down the wall that is separating you and create emotional safety and a deeper connection.

Step 3

Implement the new co-communication skills like mastering your triggers and understanding how to communicate so he is not triggered. Inside this step, you’ll learn the scripts and templates as you master triggers and communicating in the Couple Relationship. You’ll bridge the gap and have that deeper connection. 



Lesson 7: Master new co-communication skills

… learn the art of handling conflict, and harness the power of triggers to work for you. Ask for what you want AND get it, Release his Hero gene. 


Lesson 8: Create intimacy and connection

…learn how to open up emotionally and  how to bring joy to your body in a way that pleases you.


Lesson 9: Build a thriving partnership

..create your dream relationship where you and your husband florish into your golden years.

Get instant access to

All of These Resources

But wait – there’s more!

Get The Exclusive Action Taker Bonus

🎉🎉 2-Day Workshop Bonuses 🎉🎉
These Bonuses are included when you join the Relationship Restoration Membership and
Expire After 7/3

A quick veiw of the topics in the workshop plus the bonuses, see each bonus below and the detail about each one. 

And if you sign up before July 3rd, you’ll also receive the all of these bonuses including the Conflict to Connection Roadmap.

Introducing our brand  NEW Conflict to Connection Roadmap. Think of this roadmap as your ‘Emergency Break the Glass Toolkit”. So when you are triggered and you ask your partner for a time out in your conversation, so you don’t fight, you can come straight to this roadmap and find the exact issue you need support with.

Marriage Audit, where you will share with me,  in private, your current marriage issues and together we will build a plan of action. If you choose to join the membership, I will guide you in implementing  your action plan. 

The Conflict Resolution Guide walks you step-by-step on identifying the root of your conflict and helps you implement the solutions.

The Dance of the Business Woman is a masterclass on the delicate dance the business woman/wife must do to “have it all”. Learn the skills needed to effectively communicate your needs with a non-business minded partner.

Work/Live Balance Tracker
A well-maintained work-life balance reduces stress, increases job satisfaction, improves health, and strengthens personal relationships. This tracker/planner will help you devolpe new skills to keep you balanced while enhancing your relationship. 


(No Contracts Cancel At Anytime)

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Q: How is the content and training delivered?

A: All the training videos, workshops & workbooks, masterminds and resources are in your Membership vault!

When you sign up you will receive your log in and access.

Q: Is there a contract to sign?

A: No, there are no contracts or any length of time required. The Accelerator is a month-to-month membership and you can cancel at anytime. Continue for as long as the membership is helpful to you. The Beyond is a year long program.  Both come with our 7 day money back guarantee. 

Q:How much time does it require each month?

A: You are in charge of the pace! This is not a course or workshop — there is no schedule. There are no requirements. You can be as active as you want or need. The more you can engage the faster you will see results in your relationship or marriage.

Q:What are the “Love Seat” coaching calls?

A:The Love Seat is like the Hot Seat, but much more compassionate. LOL.

You can bring your situation to the Love Seat and get answer and coaching, this is all included in your membership.  Coaching calls are held weekly. Even if you don’t want to ask questions you can attend and listen or view the replay.

Q:What if I can’t finish all the content each month?

A: The replays are added to your Vault and are there whenever you are ready. They do not expire. You can listen/read/watch/practice whenever you want as long as you are a current member.

Q:How do I cancel?

A: You can cancel your membership at any time by emailing  You will continue to have access until the end of your billing cycle.

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